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July 2017



Our Trip Down The 395

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We left South Lake Tahoe at 11:30 after smothering the B and C girls with kisses and hugs and promises to see them soon. Oh, and we also said good-bye to the grown girls and spouses. We’ll miss them too.

Driving away in our car that overheated twice on the road into Tahoe, we decided no air conditioning. Google maps said we were 8 hours and 3 minutes from home. That won’t be so bad. No air. We can do that.

Uh huh.

And we were off down the 395, along the eastern side of the Sierra Nevadas. Up and down, in and around, through towns and spaces we hadn’t seen before. Snow covered mountains, Mono Lake, Independence, Lone Pine, the road to Mammoth, Bishop, Bridgeport, Tom’s Place . . .

And it got hotter and hotter.

Finally, about two hours from home, we relented and turned the air on low. Anxious that we would overheat so so close, I kept an eagle-eye on the thermometer, praying the needle to stay put.

It did and we made it.

Sweaty but grateful, I texted the girls to let them know we were home. Hooray they all texted back as they were on their way to their next thing.

3 1/2 days with the 3 daughters, 2 sons in laws and 2 babies under 2. And a dog for one of those days.

We also had our ups and downs and ins and outs. Not with the dog, or the babies.

But family is good and important. And even though we had our teary moments and annoyed looks and wanting to be alone, we left feeling that we’re a team and we’re for one another. No matter what.

So as we drove and sweated and pondered whether we’d want to do this again, we knew the answer.

Of course.

Because that’s what families do.

“We’re image bearers

created to rule, to partner with God

in pulling and pushing the creation project forward,

to work it to draw out the earth’s potential

and unleash it for human flourishing —

to cooperate with God in building a civilization

where His people can thrive in His presence.


And in this cosmic agenda, each of us has a vocation,

a calling from God,

a way God has wired us

somebody to be and something to do —

because the two mesh together in perfect symmetry.”*

(*taken fromĀ Garden City by John Mark Comer)


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