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March 2017



My Bandwidth is Full

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Bandwidth = the energy or mental capacity required to deal with a situation.

My bandwidth is full. So, I’m going to unload on you some of what’s been filling my head and my heart. I pray that you’ll be encouraged with these words, pictures, thoughts, and scriptures. They’ve given me strength and courage during some very interesting months.

The world will know what we believe by seeing who we love.” Bob Goff

“Faith includes noticing the mess, the emptiness, and discomfort, and letting it be there until some light returns.” Anne Lamott

From Luke 9: (All scripture references from The Message, by Eugene Peterson)

  • Jesus is the leader. He’s in the driver’s seat.
  • Embrace suffering. Don’t run from it. Jesus will show you how as you follow Him.
  • Self-help? NO! Self-sacrifice? YES!
  • You want to become great? Accept, don’t assert.


God isn’t going to like you anymore if you fake it.” Bob Goff (I really like Bob Goff)

From Luke 12:

  • Be generous.
  • Protect yourselves from the least bit of greed.
  • Fill your barns with God, not self.
  • Relax! Don’t be so preoccupied with getting so you can respond to God’s giving.
  • Steep yourselves in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions.

“Jesus has many who love His Kingdom in Heaven, but few who bear His cross. Many follow Jesus to the breaking of the bread, but few to the drinking of the cup of His passion. They who love Jesus for His own sake, and not for the sake of comfort for themselves, bless Him in every trial and anguish of heart, no less than in the greatest joy.” Thomas à Kempis, The Imitation of Christ

“Jesus, forgive me for making much of what’s minor in Your story, diminishing the important thing. I’ve demanded miracles, healings, benefits for myself. O Lord, raise the cross as the central beam of my whole life once again.” Walt Wangerin, Reliving the Passion

“The Lord has founded Zion, and His afflicted people find refuge in her.” Isaiah 14:32 (Do people find refuge in me? In our church? In our home?)

“Hope is independent of the captain of the boat or who the other passengers are.” (Clay Johnson being interviewed on The Liturgists podcast, Fake News and Media Literacy, March 7)

I’m discovering as I read through the gospels, that the ones who Jesus stopped for, the ones He touched, the ones He made well, were the ones who had great humility and took a risk —– they reached out, called out, fell on their knees, begged for the crumbs that fell from the table. They climbed trees and pushed through crowds. They left homes and jobs and families. Humility and risk. It never goes unnoticed.

We think it’s all about the timing. It’s never about the timing. It’s always about the Kingdom of God.

In the same way I was with Moses, I’ll be with you.

I won’t give up on you.

Strength. Courage.

Haven’t I commanded you?

Strength. Courage.

Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged.

God, your God, is with you every step you take.

Joshua 1:5,9

Grace and peace to you, my friends.



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