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March 2017



Love Is Sovereign Here–all evidence to the contrary*

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I walk early each morning. Really early. Often, the Chip man and I are off as the sun is coming up. But this is what I’ve noticed lately. Before the sun actually rises in the east, the clouds and hills in the west are all pink and glowy. And lately with all the rain, it’s dark and gloomy our entire walk.

Today, though, the rain had stopped and the west broke first with morning light. The east was still dark and cloudy, but the west was bright and white and shiny.

Could it be that when life is hard and confusing and complicated, and we’re wondering where God is, all we need to do is turn around?

We expect God where and when we expect Him. We expect God to be answering our prayers, now! Lightening our loads, here! Making rough places smooth, today!

But maybe, instead of expecting God to make our lives easier, unknotting our complications and unloading our burdens, we need to turn around and see the beauty He’s bringing behind us. Where we don’t expect it to be. When we don’t expect it to happen. And that will all disappear unless we notice. right. now.

The spectacular morning sky.

The perfectly made coffee with just the right amount of creamer.

The kindness of the Sprint employee giving me a discount.

Great books. Such great books. And sharing mind-blowing parts with a far away friend.

Chatting with a friend on a chilly patio at the best new coffee place in town. (Coffee’s kind of a theme.)

My job that I love. I love love love my job. And the people I work with.

Watching the Oscars with my parents — he in his wheelchair, she in his hospital bed, me in the only chair that fits in the den now.

Doing jigsaw puzzles with my mom in her new normal state of mind.

Talking with my sister for hours on the phone about caregiving and weddings and our new color-coded, filled full family calendar.

We can be so focused on where and when we think God should and will show up, that we don’t notice Him in the unexpected places, at the unexpected times. We miss His glory because we can’t imagine He’ll be anywhere other than where we’ve decided He must be, when we’ve decided He must be there, doing what we’ve decided He must be doing.

Our God IS too small.

In the darkness of my morning walks, I see Him first in the west, the reflection of the glory that is to come. And then, only after the west has awoken, does the light in the east break forth.

And it always does. And it always will. Break forth, that is.

Because the light shines in the darkness, right!?

God always comes. He always will. But we must be willing to see Him too as His reflected glory in the life and the people and the world around us.

And then, and then! The light in the east bursts forth and we stand and bask and wonder how it is we ever doubted.

The God who is greater has only one thing on His mind and that is to drop, endlessly, rose petals on our heads. Behold the One who can’t take His eyes off of you.

(Gregory Boyle, Tattoos on the Heart)

Behold the One who can’t take His eyes off of you.

He can’t take His eyes off of you.


*title quote by Anne Lamott

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