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February 2015



Five Minute Friday — Visit

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The Old Testament and the New are full of visits by angels. FULL!

Abraham and Lot and Jacob and Moses and Zechariah and Mary and Joseph and the Shepherds and the Wise Men . . . all had a divine encounter telling them a promise or a way to go or a Let’s get out of here! as in the case of Lot.

What would that be like to have a visit from an angel telling you that you are going to have a baby, when you will have that baby, what you will name that baby and so on. Or telling you where you can go to see that baby and which way to go home once you’ve worshipped Him.

We think our faith would be so much easier if we had these lovely heavenly hosts visiting each afternoon like the UPS guy, not with another box from Amazon, but with a message from GOD. Wow. That’d be something.

I’d be way more faithful and obedient if it happened that way. Really? Would I?

We know from the bible that not everyone, after a visit from an angel, suddenly turned all their doubts into choruses of How Great Thou Art. Therefore, we can assume that we wouldn’t be much different. We too would question and wonder and drag our feet if an angel showed up and laid out the plan for March.

Why? Because we’re sinners just like everyone else. And as sinners we want our life to go the way we want it to go. And even an angel stopping by for coffee would have a hard time changing our stubborn, entitled minds.

So rather then wondering how cool it would be to have a real live visit from a real, sparkly angel (I hope they’re sparkly!), let’s visit the pages of the Book we all own. There we find written the words of angels and prophets and kings because the God of the Universe wrote it all down.

And let’s begin by obeying those words. Let’s make our visits to those pages matter in every way every day for as long as we live.

Because, a day is coming when the heavens will open and angels will visit us . . . forever.

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