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August 2014



Five Minute Friday — Tell

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There was a woman at a well. We don’t know her name, her age, or her family background. All we know is that she was at the well at an unusual hour, she had been married many times, and the man she was currently living with was not her husband. (Jesus just has this way of knowing, you know?)

And after her encounter with the One who calls Himself the Living Water, she dropped the now inadequate bucket, and hurried back to town to tell her people the news about this man who knows everything about her.

To tell her people . . .

To tell . . .

She had to tell the story of the Living Water. She had to speak of the man who had met her broken and emotionally bruised. She had to risk the possible indifference and coldness of the people who had scorned her and ignored her through the years of marital difficulty and barrenness.

And all of a sudden none of that mattered anymore. The story was too great not to tell, not to share, not to announce.

Come see the One who knows all about me! Let me tell you about the One at the well.

And the people listened to her tell her story.

And they came.

And they believed.

All because one lonely, nameless woman met the Living Water at Jacob’s well and couldn’t not tell about it.

We tell because we cannot keep it to ourselves. The Living Water meets us too and gives us a drink of Himself.

And we are changed and we are transformed and we are not thirsty anymore.

How can we not tell about that?

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