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April 2015



Five Minute Friday — Relief

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I’m reading the account of the rich young ruler. Wealthy, young and powerful. But it wasn’t enough.

He came to Jesus to seek relief from his concern that he wasn’t doing enough to inherit eternal life. He was looking for a pat on the back, a “way to go,” a “keep it up,” from Jesus. He was going to be badly disappointed after their conversation.

In Mark it says that Jesus loved him, but that love was manifested in a request to sell all he had, give it to the poor, and follow Jesus. Pretty great trade-off if you ask me. Give away all my stuff to hang out with the Giver of Salvation, the Bread of Life, the Light of the World. Relief spelled with a capital R!

But as we know about this young man, and as we also know about ourselves, easier said than done. Our stuff has us by the throat. We think our possessions, our wealth, bring relief  and freedom. And again, as we all know somewhere deep in our souls, we know they don’t and they won’t. Ever. The more we have, the more we have to manage and account for and store and dust (and boy, do I hate dusting). It doesn’t bring relief or freedom. Not now, not ever.

So this young, wealthy, powerful man walked away from the only One who could bring real relief. Follow Me was met with, No thanks.

So he walked away sad. Of course he did. He had just made a decision to love his stuff more than the Giver of the stuff.

He turned his back on the only One who could and would bring relief now and forever.

His eternity was at stake and he chose his car.

What a shame.

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