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November 2014



Five Minute Friday — Give

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Tis the season. Right? It’s all about giving. Uh huh.

We drove the mind numbingly drive down California Interstate 5 yesterday on our way home from Thanksgiving with family.

The stretch we drive is 4 hours long. 4 hours of nothingness interrupted by food and gas stops every 100 miles or so. Oh, and also the unbelievable stench of thousands and thousands of cows in Coalinga. The smell hits you like a tsunami. Really. You’ve never smelled cow until you’ve driven through Coalinga, CA.

We needed gas and a potty break, so we pulled off somewhere.

Sitting on the sidewalk outside one of the nicer gas/food/bathroom places was a man and his sick dog. A cardboard sign stated the obvious: Please help. Please. I’m homeless. His medium size dog was under a dirty pink flannel blanket and he was inside buying Chex Mix and a quart of milk. As I sat in our car waiting, I watched him eat the Chex Mix and share the milk with his dog.

I’m not sure if I was more compassionate because of the dog, but when Bill came back I handed him a $20 and asked him to take it over. He did, had a few words with the guy, and shook his hand as he came back to the car.

The day after Thanksgiving. Coming from a beautiful celebration with loved ones and food and a warm house and beds. Hot water and ping pong and football on tv.

I cried.

Watching this man try and care for himself and his sick dog, I prayed that God would use that money to bless him.

Tis the season of giving.

$20 will not change this man’s life.

But God is bigger than $20. And is able to do exceedingly above all we can ask or imagine.

So, I am going to look to give this season. Not only to friends and family, but to the desperate and the dirty and the homeless dog lovers.

Because who knows?

$20 just might change a life.

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