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October 2017



Is Ignorance Bliss?

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Today, Oct. 12, 2017, was the day we were moving our mom into a perfect for her assisted living facility in Santa Rosa, California. Sadly, though, we didn’t. It burned to the ground on Monday in what is fast becoming the most deadly fire in California history.

This is one of many things that have unfolded in my life over the year that I never, ever thought would be true . . .

My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
My dad died.
My husband has been unemployed for 7 months.
My mom evacuated from her home. We’re praying it doesn’t burn down.
And this is when I know that I really don’t want to know the future.

This is when I embrace the mystery of God’s perfect plan and purpose. (I don’t like it, but I embrace it.)

This is when my life of faith makes all the difference.

I’m reposting one of my all time favorite posts. The bandwidth of my brain is so full of sadness and uncertainty that I’m pretty unable to be creative, or even be very nice to 6th graders. So I thought this would be great to repost, to reread, since this speaks deeply to me about how ignorance can be bliss.



March 2017



Safe From the Mayhem

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As one who avoided all science classes in college and managed to graduate with Anthropology 11 fulfilling the science requirement for a Sociology degree, I actually can get my mind around these few lines of explanation. I can picture what that looks like.

Realizing that it’s happening in my mother’s brain though, breaks me a bit. How can it be her? What happened that caused the plaques and tangles to form in her wise, sweet, kind mind? Diet Coke? Balance bars? Pretty much zero exercise?

But this is the mystery of Alzheimer’s . . . apparently, no one knows. Why is it her brain cells and tissues are dying? Where did the plaque come from? The tangles? Will the tracks ever straighten?